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Saturday, November 13, 2010

niper question paper

NOTE: - The paper is not the clone of original paper, but it has been prepared by us after
coming out of exam hall by recalling the questions, and by help of many students.
Some questions are reproduced as they are and some in fragments.
The main objective behind this work of preparing this rough format is to pass the information
about the exam to the next aspirants of NIPER, as the syllabus of the exam is not declared. The
word in bracket indicates answer for that question.
Time- 2 hr. Marks-
Qutions-200. Negative marking-@25%
Format-objective type (with 4 options)
Answers-to be marked on ORS SHEET with HB pencil.
1. Mode of action of taxol
2. Cyclodextrin (which form is more soluble)
3. Bigesst cotton producing country.
4. Alanine configuration(R or S)
5. Correct structure of nifedipine
6. Which amongst following is Ca channel blocker.
7. Glutathione is (ans-tripeptide and detoxifing agent)
8. Polypharmacy means-
9. Phenytoin –therapeutic use
10. Propranolol contradicted in-
11. Which amongst following undergo more first pass metabolism (propranolol, digitalis,
12. Calculate %age yield (given therotical and practical yield)
13. Term 'IPEP' is related with-
14. Paracetamol (toxic metabolite)
15. Benzyl alcohol in parenteral concentration (how much?)
16. Area of rectangle (given length, bredth in terms of length)
17. Interest calculation
18. Deadly organism of malaria (Plasmodium Falcipuram)
19. Which of following is cardiotoxic.
20. Antonym of solisitarious-
21. Synonym of macabre
22. Coumarin ring system-scientific name
23. Ca channels in heart are of which type (ans-voltage gated)
24. Receptors are – (protein in nature)
25. Serotonin-is (ans –neurotransmitter)
26. Second messenger system – calcium - cAMP - cGMP - all the above.
28. In cough syrup alkaloid present (ans-codeine)
29. Aspirin MOA
30. Drug for alopecia (Minoxidil)
31. Protogenic solvent – water - acetic acid - CCl4 - None.
32. Which one is optically active eg. allens
33. Enalapril
34. Drug used in Parkinsonism
35. Tretment agent for cerebral malaria
36. Primaquin use (specific)
37. Intestinal amoebiasis causative agent.
38. Dopamine agonist- (Bromocriptine)
39. ACE inhibitors side effect.
40. Statins use- (Hypolipidemic agents)
41. Prostaglandin synthesis which enzymes involved.
42. Rifampicin use other than T.B.
43. L-threose and L-erythrose are
44. Marine anticancer drug
45. Fermentation-batch process
46. Which of following is not static dryer? (Tunnel dryer)
47. Podophyllotoxin is (lignan)
48. Betain-structure
49. Gene _expression is done by(transcription)
50. DNA is present in-
51. Ring analogues of sugar are called (anomers)
52. Crystallization of sugar in syrup is avoided by addition of
- Alcohol
- Lemon juice
53. Application of head space analysis
54. Bacterial cell wall constitution
55. Cellular structure is identified by (phase contrast microscopy)
- Electron Microscopy
- Phase contrast Microscopy
- Dark Field Microscopy
- None
56. Metals and metalloids are identified by which spectroscopy-
57. Phosphorescence and fluorescence (emission spectroscopy)
58. Energy wise order-UV, IR, NMR
59. Spectroscopy for detection of hydrogen bonding (IR)
60. COCl- IR stretching range
61 Lactum rings- IR stretching range
62 Fluid energy mill- particle size? (10-30 µm)
63. If pKa of drug is 5.4 maximum absorption will occur from-
- Stomach
- Duodenum
- Small intestine
- Large intestine
64. Morphine mainly acts on (µ receptor)
-µ receptor
-µ and delta receptor
-delta and kappa receptor
-kappa receptor
65. Anti acetylcholine used in peptic ulcer-
66. Metachlopromide-MOA
67 Agent used in treatment of anticancer agent induced emesis (ondencetron)
68 Gallic acid is-antioxidant, preservative,…,none of the above.
69. Eye drops differ from parenteral preparation (pyrogenicity)
- Sterility
- Particulate matter
- Pyrogenicity
- Isotonicity
70. Agent used in treatment of acute gout. (colchicin)
71 000 capsule capacity in mg.
72. Green bones are used for preparation of which type of gelatin.
73. HIV is caused by
74. Name of scientist-meningitis discovery
75. Equation related with osmosis
76 If hour hand of a clock at 12noon is at north east, then at 1pm where will be the hour hand of
the clock-----east, west, north, south?
77. Dipole moment in 1,2-dibromoethane
78. B.S of Indian Ginseng
79. Alzheimer's disease is (neuro degenerative disease)
80. CVS drug- which neutraceutical
81. Circular dichroism—application
82. Absorptivity or extinction coefficient depends upon---
83. In mono substituted cyclohexane, which form is stable – axial, equatorial
84. Tamoxifen is (estrogen antagonist)
85. Triterpines are prepared from (six isoprene unit)
86. Terpenes biosynthetic pathway
87. Indole alkaloids r biosynthesized from (Tryptophan)
88. Modern chemotherapy was discovered by
89. Bacteria r present in following except------- ice, sea water, distilled water, soil
90. Submerged culture is difficult for which micro organism.
91. Mammalian cell gene _expression is done by (protein synthesis)
92. Which packaging material is more water vapour permeable?
93 Vehicle for soft gelatin capsule
94. Material used for packaging during Accelerated stability studies.
95. Polymers are added to amorphous substances for what?
96. HLB range of w/o emulsion
97. Which of the following is directly titrated with acid----------
- Aminop- Phenytoin,
- Sulphynpyrazone,
- Phenobarbitone.
98. Formula for angle of repose
99. ABC concept is used for (Inventory Control)
100. Liposomes are used to solubilize
101. Nujol is (mineral oil)
102. Detector used in IR
103. IR source
104. Range of UV-visible light
105. Reference substance used in NMR
106. Diosgenin has which basic nucleus?
107. When IND is applied?
108. When phase IV clinical trials are started
109. Enthalpy is (heat content)
110. Kinetics is study of -----rate, order, molecular, none of above
111. Which one is optically active—crystal, molecule-----
112. Structure of antibody
113. Which one is reducing sugar (sucrose)
114. Endogenous anticoagulant (heparin)
115. Insulin is secreted by
116. Omeprazole MOA
117. pH of 0.05 M HCl is
118. Metronidazole use
119. Different polymorphs differ in which properties
120. Albuterol MOA
121. Salmeterol which class
122. Selective alpha 1 receptor antagonist (Prazosin)
123. Fatal Adverse effect is of which combination
- Terfenedine + loratidine
- Terfenedine + erythromycin
124. Dissolution test apparatus for tablets
125. Calibration of IR – solvent used?
127. What will happen when heat is increased for exothermic reaction? (reaction will
shift to which side?)
128. For spontaneous reaction free energy is- ----- +ve , —ve
129. Mass spectroscopy--- Base peak?
130. Splitting in 1,4 dioxane
131. Carbonic unhydrase inhibirors (Acetazolamide)
132. Phenolphthalein is... (acid base indicator)
133. Microvilli in intestine ---the function is.
134. RS is what as per IP
135. 1, 3 cyclohexane which form is optically active?
136. HPLC ---widely used (Reversed phase)
137. Size exclusion chromatography use..hyllin,
138. A + B = 102; A — B = 24 what is A
139. 1:9:17:33:49:73:?
140. Delirium tremors which drug is used …
141. Which color pigment present in tomato (lycopene)
142. Which vitamin in high dose causes teratogenicity? (Vit. A)
143. Cytokines are (proteins)
144. NMR signal is expressed in (ppm)
145. Nuclear receptor
146. 2 amide bonds are present in (tripeptide)
147. What causes serine hydrolysis?
148. Non aqueous system – binder used? (Ethyl Cellulose)
149. Saffron is cultivated in which state? (Kashmir)
150. Welfare state means….
151. Back titration is done for ……….
152. Sparingly soluble means…(30 to 100 parts)
153. Which polymer is more permeable to water- vapour?
154. Terfenedine side effect?
155. Myasthenia Gravis is caused due to..
156. Nicotinic receptors are (ligand gated)
157. Number of double bonds are determined by …
- H2
- Br2
- Ozonolysis
- all the above
158. The compounds which are not detected by UV detector are detected by
- Derivitization
- Mass spectrometry
- Electrochemical detector - all the above
159. Neostigmine does not cross BBB because it is (polar)
160. Which drugs cross BBB? (lipophilic)
161. Effect of Muscarinic drugs on Gastric secretion….
162. Which of the following port has free trade?
- Cochin
- Madras
- Kalanda
- Tutikotin
163. Hemoglobin carries -------
- Oxygen
- Co2
- Oxygen and Co2.
- None of the above
164. Significance of iodine value
165. t-RNA structural component
166. Carbene is formed in which reaction? (E1CB)
167. What is Bredt rule?
168. Polymer's role
169. Which of the following inhibits enzyme induction?
170. CH3Cl in NMR what is effect of Cl? (causes deshielding and down filled effect)
171. Auxochrome enhances…(absorption)

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